Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Not all the way down

Well, all the carpet and flooring is down but the carpet isn't stretched and tacked. That will hapen this morning I'm guessing. There's a few paint patches on the wall that need touch-up. Also settled the question of how many shelves were going up in the storage closet. Something came up yesterday about the door-jamb place being out of jambs, but that they should have some soon and we can move furniture down there when the carpet's down and the baseboard is up.

VIckster's off for the rest of the week to spend it with Mom. Tomorrow's her birthday. Think we're going to dinner with Rob-Bob and Kathy on Friday.

It'd be cool if I could power-wash the deck Saturday and then perhaps a week from saturday do the deck expansion project.

Sending the duplicate water heater back today. Grrrrrrrrr...

Not much else going on.