Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Lay that carpet down, down - lay that carpet down

Three guesses what's going on today.

Yup. Flooring. The door trim is up. the floor is clean. Most of the construction equipment is gone. The rough spot on the floor from an old botched fill-in concrete job is smoothed over. When I get home tonight, it'll look much more like a finished basement. Then it's just finish-up with the electrical, plumbing, and baseboard.

The paint hasn't grown on Vicki any. She's waiting to see how it all looks with furniture. You won't see nearly as much of it when the book case goes up, and curtains, and couch and loveseat and desk, etc. I feel kind of bad -- I knew what color she was going for, I think, but when she showed me the swatch she picked, I just said "cool" and figured it was what she wanted. It is kind of hard to tell on an inch and a half square what it's going to look like on the walls, but I'm pretty good at things like that. But of course you never really want to say "no, honey, you're wrong" especially when you really don't care a whole lot what tone of beige goes up on the wall. I think it'll look fine.

She did concede that the cat access to the litter box ought to be through the bathroom wall -- she's not thrilled about it, but I doubt she'll even notice it after a week or so once it's done. That whole "under the stairs" storage is going to be a little complicated because of the placement of the sub-panel but we'll come up with something.

I put the cable outlet on the wall and wired that side of the surround sound wiring... I need a similar panel on the other side. I also hooked up the "free with your cable modem" basic cable to the TV upstairs last night. Kind of cool to have local channels and that radar channel again. But I see why we dropped cable before. The picture especially above channel 40 is just lousy. That's why they're trying to force everyone to go digital. They just can't deliver a good analog picture through cable anymore. However, they want WAY more than the sattelite people for digital, and all they have extra to offer basically is local channels and your local forecast on the Weather Channel.

I'll have to re-hook up the phone to what used to be Brian's room (now the family room) -- I'll get all that done this weekend.

Well, Hi Ho -- it's off to work I go.