Monday, May 05, 2003


Got back from Fort Wayne from picking Mom up. As expected, the walls are painted. Vicki was hoping for a little less yellow tint in the taupe... more of a gray-brown taupe than a yellow-brown taupe. I could tell right away she wasn't happy. Mom and I think it looks fine, but then again I never really cared a whole lot what earth-tone got picked ;-) She held the pillow shams up and they go fine.

Looks like the litterbox will go under the stairs. Vicki wants a cat-door in the "under-the-stairs" door in the downstairs bedroom for their access. I don't like that idea because then guests will always have to leave their door open for the cats so they can go to the litter box. I think a cat door in the wall behind the toilet would be the best, but she doesn't want a hole in her nice new wall. We'll have to see. I intend to get a nice frame for the door so it won't be just a hole in the drywall.

Got a powerpoint presentation from Sandy about Louie and how much she likes him. I'm so glad he found someone who really loves him. Whew. What a relief. Bart is pretty much back to being Bart again.

Got a checkbook application installed on the Palm zire. I think it will make me pay much more attention to how I spend money. That, of course, is a good thing.

I'm itching to do the deck. As soon as they're done and all the finances are settled for the remodel, I want to get on it.

Well, off now.