Friday, March 04, 2005

Arlo Guthrie

Some Arlo Guthrie tickets fell into our laps yesterday afternoon for the show last night at Jesse.

I wasn't all super-excited or anything, but I like Arlo's stuff and the tickets were free, so I went, sans expectations. Which, incidentally, is a good way to go into anything like this -- if you want my advice.

Not surprisingly, the show was very good. Arlo is a great story teller and he's a pretty genuine human being. He talked about his first public gig (outside of coffee house gigs) being in Columbia, MO in 1965 -- 40 years ago. He had also written a song about how as he gets older -- friends die off, and he dedicated it to Gerome Wheeler (not by name, but a local musician who just died and he clearly knew who he was). Wonder if he knows Lee? Wouldn't surprise me.

No "Alice's Restaurant" -- which I'm sure dissapointed a lot of people who went there to hear that -- can you imagine how sick and tired he must be of that song? I mean, he DID do others. Lots of them.

Well, now it looks like we get to go to see Trinity Irish Dance on the 31st with Mary.

We are lucky people.

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