Monday, March 07, 2005


Went out to Mom and Dad's Saturday and took out the shelf and TV they "ordered" through us ;-)

It was a nice day and a pleasant visit. Joel and Dawn came out as well. Had BBQ'd chicken for dinner. Sat and talked, looked at a slide show of pictures on the new TV/VCR/DVD combo, took a little tour of the place on the 'gator. It's kind of like a little 4-wheel-drive utility golf-cart.

The afternoon sun was nice on the porch, which faces pretty much west. I grabbed my guitar out of the trunk and sat and played it while we talked for a while. Did little things like flip a gate (that was upside) down over, put the shelf up, clean the cast-iron grill (which will now need re-seasoning).

Sunday we did some stuff around the house, then went and drove by a house that is for sale near Rocheport (not a very nice house) and took about a 5 mile walk on the MU/Columbia walking trail down the hill from us. It was 67 degrees yesterday. We're expecting snow tomorrow night. Welcome to Missouri.

I played with my new WinTV card last night. Couldn't get the sound to work. Guess I'll have to read the manual ;-) In my defense, I did read it some last night. Might not integrate with my external sound card right.

Been playing with "New World in the Morning" and "Durham Town" on the guitar -- both of which force me to work on my barred "F", which is getting better but I've been saying that for two years now so you can see how slowly it's getting better. Still, I think I'll have it in another 9 or so months and then the fretboard will be opened up a bit more for me.

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