Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dierdre Flint

I got a hilarious email this morning with a link to a song by a lady named Dierdre Flint. Ok, the song was hilarious, not the email. It was about all the junk you get in your email, done to the tune of the Irish Washerwoman.

It's called "The Irish Email Song".

The irony of getting the link in an email is not lost on me.

I looked her up on the web. She's hilarious. There are several other songs out there that are just as funny.

I don't generally plug stuff on my blog, but -- I enjoyed this too much.


  1. Gee Uncle Phil, I never knew your life was so interesting! :) Glad to hear from you! I got your email and just clicked on the dandy lnk and got here. I'm so happy that I got to read a little bit of what's going on with you because I haven't talked to you in forever...In fact I think I've only talked to you once in my life and that would be when we flew through St. Louis and you all came up to the airport and Sam and I got to meet everybody, well almost everybody. Anyway, just thought that I would drop you a reply just because I thought it would be cooler this way instead of email. :) Trying new's not something I do often so you're lucky *winks* you uncle Phil!

  2. Oh! And that song by that lady Diedre Flint was pretty dang hilarious :D *is still laughing*

  3. How soon young ones forget. Kaity forgot you and Vicki visited and did some fun things together. :-)

  4. Yea, woops. I totally forgot that we even went with them up to Pikes Peak...I don't know, I spaced :)

  5. Hey Cuz...sent you an email on your gmail account. I'm hoping that you just haven't read it and that you are not mad at me for some reason????