Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekend Update

Well, I spent a lot of Saturday and a little of Sunday cleaning the garage. I got some containers to organize -- did some organizing, threw some stuff out, and I'm still at it. Another day or two half days ought to do it.

I hurt my back walking the trail with Vicki last weekend -- an old injury from picking up a concrete bird bath pedestal many years ago (lift with your legs! Not your back!). As long as I keep my back muscles strong, it's not a problem -- guess they got weak, and I walked funny for 5 miles in shoes that didn't fit right....

Still hurts.

Got sound working with the WinTV card... and my first project is to transfer Vicki's Tae Bo tapes to DVD before they deteriorate more. Still haven't figured out how to get the software to compress to MPEG while recording (instead of AVI). The current recording method requires about 1.7 - 2 gig a minute at 640x480.

However, the Nero authoring tool is cool -- you can actually insert DVD chapters into what you recorded.

Our main DVD player, it turns out, isn't smart enough to play video CDs, so I have to burn them in real DVD format.


  1. Hi Phil!

    I found your blog because I did a search on Google to find out more bout Catscram, because we have two neighbors cats that like to pee in front of our terrace door alot, and that stinks!

    Is Catscram any good? Bcause if these cats pee outside my terrace door, my big brother is gona blow them up!

    I hope you back gets better soon!

    Oh yeah, is this a private blog? Just wondering since I see you don't have a blogroll.

    I hope you have a nice day!

  2. Well -- it's public in the sense that anyone is allowed to read it and comment on it. It's mostly for family and friends to keep up with what's going on in my life and as a little diary for me.

    However, I myself have stumbled across things in other people's blogs and asked them questions and commented on things -- I certainly don't mind if I can help someone out.

    I'll see if I can email you about the catscram. The answer is basically "yes, with qualifications."