Monday, March 21, 2005

Hangovers... I remember those

I guess I got a little overconfident this weekend with the whiskey. My tolerance is not nil, and there's always been this little meter on my brain that tells me when to slow down. Plus I usually drink a lot of water.

Well, apparently that meter was broken Saturday night, and I was too out of it and queasy to drink the gatorade/water when it was offered.

I felt a little woozie going to bed - but it took me all day Sunday to recover. I did manage to get up and make the Snoopy Waffles for the kids. That's one thing they really look forward to at our house, and with all of the adult time we try to work in I wanted to make sure that they at least felt like coming here was something special. But as far as my stomach and head... what a waste of a day. Gonna have to get that meter checked. I haven't had one of those in a long time. And it hadn't been long enough.

Had the Groves over Saturday/Sunday. Did some marinated chicken on the grill for dinner. Mark and I wandered back into the woods in the creekbed behind our house with the kids. Nathanial thought it was "camping". Of course Mark and I both have fond memories of traipsing around in our respective woods and playing in creekbeds when we were little. And naturally there was a lot of "look what I'm doing! Papa! Unco Pheo... look!"

There were naturally the requisite music sessions. I picked up a Cmaj7 from Cami, which is cool, and we learned what to call the funky chord (or one name for it) in "Horse With No Name" -- apparently it's a D+6+9. Which does NOT make it a D15 ;-) It's good to have songs everyone knows -- and "Peaceful Easy Feeling" is always a fun one to do. A little "Uncle John's Band", too. Cami's pretty proud of her finger callouses -- I remember those days. Mine are apparently pretty good as mine never really never got sore all weekend.

We watched "The Incredibles" last night. We missed it in the theaters. It was quite funny. Got some pretty good socio-political jabs in there, too.

We'll, I'm off.

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