Thursday, July 01, 2004

Carry on my wayward friend

Sarah and family are probably halfway across Kansas by now, heading to Summit County, CO. I can smell the air and see the trees and rocks. And the snow on the divide.

Meanwhile, back here in Missouri, it's July 1, and that means hot and humid. It's been a decent May/June, actually. We have had a lot of unseasonably pleasant weather. So I shouldn't complain much.

It looks like Brian's endeavor with his dad is going along pretty well so far. Kev could probably use a second job to get him over the hump until he finds a more suitable job that pays more and he gets rid of his car. But, it's a holiday weekend, and time to do a little celebrating. I think Amber Korn of Army Reunion fame is coming into town to visit. Plus it's Connie's dad's birthday this Sunday and Vicki and Connie are putting together a party at the VA for him.

But there's also lots to do around the house. What an exciting day it will be in the blog when I can report that the auto-watering system is hooked up. But that day is not today. I think the veggie garden is starting to suffer a bit because of it, too. The screen door on the deck works now. Vicki's meeting some people about shelves at the bottom of the stairs tonight after work (get some estimates).

Carpet needs cleaning. My closet needs cleaning, too. No, not in the moronic self-absorbed Eminem sense. In the "I have too much junk and not enough room to store my stuff" sense... like guitar cases, for instance. Also need to trim the hedges out front and plant my creeping phlox. And I need to rewire the digital audio feed from the sattelite receiver to my stereo in the living room.

Hmmm, well. I've run out of steam. So.... later.

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