Monday, July 26, 2004

Reunited (and it feels so good)

Had a nice weekend with Vicki's cousin Paul and his wife Barbara.

It was a full house.  With the boys home, Kevin's dog, Carrie visiting with her dog, and our two cats and Paul and Barbara, our house was practically bursting at the seams.

We wanted to take them to Rocheport to the winery on Saturday, but it rained (a needed rain, but ill timed for that) all day long.  So we did the driving tour of the MU campus, and took them downtown.  We ate at Village Wine and Cheese.  At the end of the afternoon we went to the Candy Factory, and back home to visit and rest up before going out to dinner at Sophia's.

Paul got out his camera just before 5:00pm, and I suddenly realized that I hadn't seen mine since... lunch.  I must've left it on the back of the chair.

I called the restaurant, but they said they hadn't seen anything.  So I decided to go.  Paul came with me.  We retraced our path downtown, once again going to the restaurant, and once again they couldn't find it, nor could we.  But the shift had changed, and I hoped that perhaps someone on the lunch shift had found it and put it somewhere where they weren't looking.  Still, it was looking pretty bleak.

Had a nice dinner at Sophia's with everyone (except the pets) that Paul graciously treated us to - then went home and went to bed.

Sunday was a nicer day, but they had to leave about 1:30.  Brian and Carrie wanted to go to the Boone County Fair, but it had pretty much closed down.  I talked with the neighbors, modified our bird feeder to keep squirrels, racoons, and sparrows from wasting food (I put some hardware cloth over the opening where they can get to the food and drilled some holes to wire it in.)  Birds can peck through the hardware cloth.   The sparrows had been raking seeds out of the feeder with their beaks and claws, and squirrels and raccoons were getting in contorted positions to grab hands full of them and scatter what they couldn't get in their mouths.

Also helped Kevin get his headliner back in his car, and McGyver-ed one of the map-light lenses back into place by drilling out the rivet that held the clip and using a screw instead.

Went back to Village Wine and Cheese today at noon and asked one more time.  They looked under the counters again.... then said "let me go back and check with the bags".

And brought it back to me.

Waves of joy  ;-)

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