Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ya did-it-cha-did-it-cha-did-it-cha-di-di-di-did-it!

Da chairs be done, arm covers and all.  I think I mentioned they're not quite as nice as my last job, but pretty good, and clean, and the arm covers will help keep them that way.
Organize That Space is coming in the morning to put up the shelves at 7:30.  I got some blight powder for the tomatoes (hopefully I'm not too late).  So things are shaping up.  Vicki's sewing some green pillow covers for some old pillows to put on the new couch (that aren't currently green).  The new couch, by the way, is a kind of brick red color.
Mia's been real whiney.  I've mentioned before, there are reasons I don't have a dog, and she's reminding me of every g*$ d#!*$ of them.   However, something kind of sweet was going on the other night.  Mia was basically grooming Theo, who needs it because he doesn't clean his paws anymore.  He even had a bloody paw that she was cleaning.  And he just layed there and let her do it.  She was being quite gentle.  Motherly instincts, I guess.
No workout tonight.  I am still REALLY sore from leg day on Monday.  Ryan decided that we had 2 days in a row of using our arms and we needed a break before next chest day, so he fed me two Boulevard Dedication Ales (very good -- an experiment to come up with something for the opening of their new brewery um... soon?)  I love them, but they do pack a punch.  Whoo!   When they do open it all lovers of GOOD ale need to try this.  It's not official yet, I got some of the experimental ones .... friend of a friend kind of thing.  The first batch I tried wasn't as good, but this is superb.
Today's Courtney's 16th birthday, so Happy Birthday, Courtney!
Anyway, that's all for now.

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