Monday, July 12, 2004

Cover me

We started work on the great chair re-covering process. I'd forgotten a few things about making seams lie flat around corners, so we had a little trouble. I think I've got it now, but we spent 6 or so hours on Saturday and a few hours yesterday on them. One chair is covered (except for the new seat cushion) and all the pieces are cut and sewn for the second chair. This material is canvas, a bit thicker than what we used last time -- so it's not as forgiving when you need to fudge a little. So, make the seat cushions and some arm covers to protect the arms from dirt, and I think we'll be doin' fine.

Woke up this mornin' to the sound of thunder (how far off I sat and wondered .... started hummin' a song from 1962....)

Ain't it funny how the night moves? Anyway, it really wasn't fair. A nice, slow moving, rumbly thunderstorm should NOT move through when it's time to get up. They make me want to sleep, sleep, sleep... the sound is so soothing. Like a big cat purring or something. I don't know. But, I had to get up anyway.

We went out to dinner with Tom and Betty for Tom's 45th. Betty took all of us to The Melting Pot, a fondue place in Chesterfield. Very good, lots of fun. Not cheap. But good. We had a great time laughing and cutting up and shooting the bull.

Listening to Radio Margaritaville (high speed or low speed) If you're a Parrothead and you just like music (wide spectrum) -- I mean everything from Dean Martin to Merle Haggard; Jerry Jeff Walker to Peter Tosh, Paul Simon, Bonnie Raitt, Beatles ... and of course, a heapin' helpin' of Jimmy himself. It's an entertaining station.

Vicki and I went to farmer's market on Saturday and bought a bunch of fruit and veggies. I bought a hanging strawflower basket for the front (very pretty) and a hanging ever-bearing strawberry basket to round out the back deck.

And the auto-watering system still isn't programmed. Priorities, you know. It's been raining a lot so that's helped.

a-bee-a-bee-a-bee-a-bee-a that's all, folks!

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