Sunday, July 18, 2004

Cool, Clear, .... WATER!

Ok, the water timer is programmed and functioning.  Every day, 5 minutes at noon, and 5 minutes at 5:15.   So -- got that, folks?  The auto-watering system is hooked up and running.  [insert fireworks here]

  • The chairs are re-covered
  • The carpet is cleaned
  • Paint is re-touched
  • Garden is weeded, goat manure dumped
  • anti-fungal applied to tomatoes
  • stuff in the yard trimmed
  • battery replaced in the thermometer center
  • things are dusted
  • floors are mopped
We're ready for company ;-)
Ryan and Kristy had us over for bbq with Ryan's parents last night.  The weather was great.  Vicki and I had been working all day on the house.  Had a very nice time.  Today we got up and put the house back together.  I power washed the lower deck and took care of the garden and some other yardwork.  Bart's acting up again.  Vicki got new rugs for the bathroom upstairs.  The temptation, I guess, plus the stress from the dog and the Rug Doctor -- he peed on the danged rugs.  We washed them in Orange Mr. Clean -- cats are supposed to be turned off by citrus.
Speaking of Mr. Clean... that's what I used in the Rug Doctor.  3/4 cup to 3.5 gallons.  I wouldn't reccomend it on your new carpet, but ours is not new, and I'd read that its much cheaper and possibly cleans better than the rug doctor soap... and it doesn't foam.  It worked great.  Don't sue me if it ruins your carpet, I'm just telling you we're pleased with the results.
Alex, Myla, and their daughter took off for Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  They are from the Ukraine.  They're in for a treat.  I sent him off with my zip drive to dump pictures from his new 6 megapixel camera. 
Anyway -- I'll be back Tuesday PM with Mom.

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