Monday, April 18, 2005

Busy, but beautiful weekend

Hmmm... two "weekend" posts in a row. I'm slackin'.

I took friday afternoon off. It was a beautiful day, many people were gone, and when I heard people talking golf for the afternoon, I did something I don't do very often. I just decided to take the time off.

Went to Lakewood and bought some tomato spray to keep the blight at bay this summer. Then I got some petunias to make a couple of hanging baskets and a mixed annuals arrangement for the front entrance.

Went home and planted the pots. Also found some volunteer straw flowers and potted them, planted the melanpalodium I bought last weekend at Strawberry Hill out front, tore the weeds out of the veggie garden plot and planted tomatoes and peppers with blood meal and bone meal.

Cleaned house Saturday, did a bike ride in my quest to improve my cardio system for some summer mountain hiking, got some stuff for kebobs and we bbq'd with the Williams Sat Evening.

Sunday I mostly set up the deck with the outdoor watering system for the plants and converted the automatic watering system from winter configuration (overflow plugged and stock tank heater) to summer configuration (circulation pump and reservoir with mini-fountain).

We rented "Ray" and watched it in the evening. You keep forgetting you're not actually watching Ray Charles. Ultimately, a good flick to watch (especially if you're curious about Ray) but not something I'd want to see again and again.

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