Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How many tomato and pepper plants would a woodchuck chuck?

Gonna have to get the electric fence working again. Apparently the disturbed ground where I planted the plants in the garden last weekend was too much for a woodchuck to resist. Easy diggin' for grubs -- plus, maybe he smelled the bloodmeal. At any rate, he dug up most of the peppers and all of the tomatoes. Fortunately, he wasn't interested in the plants themselves -- just worms and grubs -- so I re-planted them.


Ordered a ground-loop isolator off of Ebay yesterday so I can use the power supply in the car for my mp3 player without noise. Plus, when you use the car adaptor, you can put the player in "Car" mode which causes it to shut off when you turn off the ignition and turn back on when you turn the ignition back on. Niiiiiiiiice, since that's where the player gets used the most.

I'm also looking at hiking/camping gear for this summer. Have to decide how I want to do this. I'd like to spend 4 days out there, which means 6 days off. I'll have to decide what kind of food to bring and how much. I plan on hiking alone a lot, methinks. Maybe camp a few days, then head for REALLY high country -- climb a mountain. A 13-er or 14-er.

Looking at ultralight websites. Need to find a good mountain hiking/backcountry camping discussion group. Anybody know of any?

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