Monday, April 25, 2005

Fence Posts & Morells

Saturday Jeff and I pounded some posts in and helped Dad put up some fence around a goat pasture. Pretty day. The whole place was emerald green and the new vegetation was quite pretty against the deep blue sky with the puffy white clouds. They do live in a pretty place.

Went 'shroom hunting with Daryl & Ryan Sunday... we went down by the river -- nothin' much there, then over to a place where I've been sworn not to tell where we did actually find some. Did a lot of hiking on yet another lovely day.

Set up the tent to measure the material for the rainfly. I have enough.

Also, friday night I built the Altoids alcohol stove. Indeed, boils water in 8 minutes (from about 55 degrees to 212 at 730 feet). We tested it. And the whole cooking system, minus fuel, and including pot and windscreen -- is 7.5 ounces. Wow.

Probably a little inefficent, though -- so I'm going to build the ion stove next..... it'll look cooler. Still, I appreciate the simplicity of the Altoids stove. Not that the ion one is complicated, it's just more complicated than the altoids one ... which isn't hard.

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