Friday, April 22, 2005


Guess I never really knew what taffeta was. Always thought it was that stuff that filmy sheer stuff petticoats were made out of. But, apparently not. It's basically a shiny nylon. So now I know what a taffeta dress is. Does that make me gay? :-)

Well, it turns out taffeta has much more manly uses as well. Tents are made out of it.

Recall that my rain fly on the kid's (ahem "lightweight backpacking") tent is far to small to be effective.

Went to Wally World last night and found grey taffeta for a buck a yard. Niiiiiiice. Got 3 yards of it. Probably only need two or a little over. I think it's 44" wide. Take off 2" for hems, and it should be 42". Make it 6 or 7 feet long, add 4 loops (one in each corner) and hooks and a pocket on each side in the middle for an extra tent pole to hold it taut.... add silicon, and I think I have me an effective rainfly.

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