Friday, April 01, 2005

Trinity Irish Dance

Mary took us to see the Trinity Irish Dance troupe last night. We'd seen them on the Concert Series schedule for the last several years and just never went. We were both big Riverdance and Thistle & Shamrock fans -- this would be a natural extension.

Had dinner at the New Old Hidelberg. Hadn't been there since long before it burned down. It pretty much looks the same, only cleaner and newer materials. Smart move by the owners to keep it the way it looked before, as it's been an institution on Campus -- it would not have the same nostalgic appeal to alumni when they come back to town if they'd changed it. They did add a deck upstairs. Now that was smart as well.

Anyway, the dance troupe was great. I mean ... from my perspective, who wouldn't like to see 20 pretty young ladies in pretty outfits dancing pretty dances to pretty music. They did some traditional Irish dancing, but they also had some more modern stuff which was interesting. The opening number they had some pretty wild costumes that could have come out of some arty performance from the late '60's. Still had a lot of the traditional elements woven in with the interpretive dance.

They had another number called "Current Event" where they all came out in plaid min-skirts and did a lot of sassy, sexy moves along with the clogging and hand-slapping (I called part of it the "Irish Hand Jive") It was pretty amazing, the elaborate game of patty-cake between 10 dancers. Anyway, I guess they wanted to make sure we all knew where the Catholic School Girl fantasy came from... the Irish, of course!

After their break, they came out and did and Irish dance in Indian (eastern indian) costumes/style to some Sheila Chandra music... which is not what one would expect when one goes to see an Irish Dance show, but it was interesting and pretty all the same.

The guitar player for the "Trinity Irish Dance Orchestra (of 3 people) was humorous, and they played songs while the troupe changed/rested between numbers.

Pretty fun.

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