Monday, September 04, 2006

And while we're waltzing down memory lane

Here's the guy who taught me how to juggle back in 1985 or so. His name was David Stemmerman. Real nice guy. He truly wanted to make it juggling -- that is, be able to make a living doing it. His life was juggling. When I knew him, he lived in a closet in a basement on east campus -- he was renting it for $30 a month. His bed (a matress set on a box spring, probably a twin bed) fit tightly between the walls to the back of the "room". He had a trunk and a lamp, and I think a phone -- although I think it only worked when he could afford it. He shared a kitchen with several other people there, and a bathroom as well. Talk about your starving artist.

Wonder what ever happened to Dave?

Well, Dave, if you're out there, I never got past three objects, but three has been satisfying. Thank you, Dave.

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