Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wait! "Thirty Four Pounds", shrieked the bird

I decided to weigh several of the things I carried on the hike last night to get a better idea of what contributed what to my load.

Tent4.5 lbs
Fleece Sleeping Bag2.5 lbs
Water Filter1 lb
Hatchet1 lb
Trowel0.5 lbs
Self Inflating Mat3.25 lbs
.22+holster2 lbs
Backpack7 lbs
Tripod Stool2 lbs

My daypack only ways 2.5 lbs, but carries a lot less. The most interesting thing is that my 7x7 tent is only .25 lbs heavier than the 6x5 one I carried!

Of course, I carried several other things like food, 4 lbs of water, hunting knife, batteries, cook kit, fuel, extra clothes, mini maglite...

I learned first hand on this hike excactly what all the lightweight backpackers keep saying -- if you're not comfortable, you won't enjoy the hike, you'll only look forward to the end of it.

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