Monday, September 04, 2006

Irish Fest

I decided to make a quick solo trip to Kansas City to go to Irish Fest -- for which Cami is in charge of graphic design -- and pretty much works her little Cami tail off getting it all together and working the fest itself. I think she actually got to enjoy some of it this year.

Vicki decided to sit it out -- she thought Mark and I could use some no-girls visit time. Since Cami lives at the fest on fest weekend, that's what it would be.

Mark wasn't feeling well -- he got into some poison ivy a week or so ago on his new property. He was slathered in calamine and doped up on anti-histamines. But he was kind enough to take me and Cami gave us the royal treatment. Well, hey, we're family, right?

Irish fest is mostly about the music. There are a lot of vendors if you're in to that, and a kids' tent, and a kind of "Celtic Family History" area ... and a whole lotta redheads.

When we got there a band called Seven Nations was playing. They were Celtic Rock, with an emphasis on the rock but a firm foot in the Celtic as well. The lead singer (Kirk McLeod) reminded me of a young Stephen Stills (the #15 shirt didn't hurt that perception any). I adopted him as my Rock Persona Alter Ego.

Luka Bloom couldn't make it due to strep throat or something -- I am disappointed, Luka. I was really looking forward to seeing you. And while I don't have anything in particular against the Hot House Flowers, they aren't you. Take care of yourself and come next year, dammit!

Gaelic Storm did not disappoint. We saw them at Jesse Auditorium last year and they are an extremely talented group of musicians and they have a real entertainer for a frontman. Not to mention the lovely and talented Ellery Klein on the fiddle. Where was she when I was in College? Eh. She was probably 10. (if she were in college when I was, I wouldn't have stood a chance anyway) I wondered aloud to Cami and Mark why music like that isn't mainstream? It's freakin' awesome! Beats the heck out of Snoop-shizz-nizzle and Paris flippin' Hilton. (Why is she famous, again?) Anyway, I got to go right up to the stage and take pictures. That was cool. Immersed in a crowd of several hundred people most of whom probably felt the same way I did.

We stayed later than we'd planned -- got home around 10:00. Mark and I sang and played until about 1:00 am, bless the poor guy. I'm sure he was beat. Poison ivy and antihistamines are no fun.

Cassie mostly played with friends. I raced cars with Nathanial for a while. Of course, he always got the blue car that stays on the track much better. He set a record by going around the track 20 times without flying off! Next time I'll bring some epoxy putty and modify the gold car to be heavier. Then I'll beat him! Yeah. Always cool to beat a 6 year old. Got my game on, dude!

I left around 1:00 in the afternoon. Stopped by Cummins tools to see what they had. Found a couple of collapsable cups and a couple of stainless Sierra style cups. Headed home.

Today I fixed (hopefully) the leak in Vicki's windshield. She was being awfully patient about it. I didn't want to pay someone to do it, and I didn't want to do it when it was hot. Or raining. Or after work. Well, those three stars lined up perfectly today.

Went to work on another alcohol stove. It still won't boil 2 cups of water on a tablespoon (my elusive goal) but it'll do it on 4 teaspoons like my pressurized model and -- it'll simmer. It is more efficient, I believe, than the pressurized one. Slower, but more efficient. And more flexible.

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