Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Fire on the mountain, lightning in the air

Went home to check on Vicki at noon on Monday and she met me at the door saying she needed to go to the emergency room. I had just missed her call when I left work. She said I probably wouldn't be able to understand it anyway as she was gagging on blood.

She harked up a big blood clot and was bleeding down her throat. It was pretty scary there for a bit until we had it all checked out. It was quite a bit of deep red stuff, and that was just what came out her mouth. We weren't sure how much was going down her throat.

We got there, and it clotted back up by the time they got her checked in and actually looked at her throat. They threatened to put her under and re-cauterize. I was hoping that wouldn't be necessary. Turns out it wasn't. But I was in various places with her at the hospital and even had to run home to get some of her meds and bring them in. They kept her overnight to watch her. Today her throat hurts a lot -- they said it would in 5-7 days when the scabs came off. Today is day 6. Right on schedule.

Now she can't go back to work until Monday at the earliest.

Yesterday I had my own doctor appointment to have my knee checked out. I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow (6:15 am -- YAWN!) to see if I need surgery or physical therapy. I'm hoping physical therapy. This is for the injury from the ladder fall back on Feb 28. I've been treating it right... lots of ibuprofen, ice packs, and even a little knee brace. It's not any better than it was a week after the accident.

So, will report back what the doctor orders. Hopefully I'll hear from her by the end of friday.

Forecast is for a beautiful weekend!

I'm off!