Thursday, April 08, 2004

No song title today... my throat hurts - (my feet stink, and I...)

Well, Vicki got her tonsils out today. I've been dreading it knowing what kind of pain it involves -- even though ultimately it should get her morning sore throats down, and maybe help her sleep better and reduce her headaches. I even had a sympathetic sore throat this morning for her and it's continued throughout the day.

She came through very well as usual. Her throat is sore and swollen, but she's talking about just doing Tylenol when she comes home tomorrow. She can talk fine, which kind of surprised me. But they say to expect a lot of soreness for 5 or so days, and lingering soreness for about two weeks from today. She's a trouper, she is. She's chipper, joking around, and taking it all in stride. Typical Vicki. It's what everyone loves about her.

Last weekday I stained the deck -- the water seal I used last year after the power-wash and new wood was added looked all nice and even at first. But the first rain showed the old wood right away -- and every subsequent rain. Over the last year, even when it was dry it was pretty obvious that there was old wood and new wood. So I powerwashed it again and used a cedar stain on it, and it looks pretty good. Also looks a lot better protected. You can still tell the old and new wood, but it's a lot harder, and it has more to do with texture than color.

I left Vicki for a few hours this afternoon, had a beer with Ryan, made dinner, gave Theo his shot, and went back and hung out with her for a couple of more hours this evening until they kicked the visitors out. Taking tomorrow off, to, to "hover" over Vicki and make sure she's comfortable -- and then we'll have the weekend.

And now... to bed.