Monday, April 19, 2004

Long Hard Ride

Vicki's still recovering. Slowly getting a little better each day. It's still pretty bad, though.

I imagine by this weekend she'll be able to eat semi-normally. Could be a month before all of the swelling and tenderness goes down.

Had our work picnic last Friday. Ok, Kimmie says "no, it's the spring cookout. The picnic's in the fall!" Anyway, the Tuesday Lunch Bunch, of which moi am a member, brought our instruments over and played a little Bluegrass, a little of Wayne's honky-tonk, and some Eagles and other stuff at the picnic. Kinda fun.

Friday evening was beautiful. Sat out with the neighbors and we eventually had a small neighborhood fish-fry. Daryl does the best fish-fry on the planet. Kristie had bought some hush puppies and Deb made coleslaw. Vicki even felt good enough to come sit with us for a while.

Saturday I went out to look at what it would take to tile our very rectangular, very flat front stoop. By the time I bought the tools and everything it would've been $125. Not terrible, but not this month...

The outdoor carpet that was there was probably the original installation at the 19-year-old house. It was worn badly, and even getting some holes. I decided that I needed to do something this weekend before it gets too hot. When I gave Vicki the options, she said she wanted a step out there anyway. It was about a 10" step up. Pretty difficult for smaller and more chronologically advanced folks. Well, that'd make the tiling job much more complicated and expensive, so I went and got some new outdoor carpet... looks kind of like jute dyed dark green. And yesterday I tore the old off, cut notches and built a step, so now it's 2 5-inch steps instead of 1 10 inch step. Didn't get the trim on yet. I was too tired last evening to continue -- and besides, I couldn't quite figure out how to do it. It's more complicated with the corners and the riser.

Something Vicki said later then clicked with what the guy at Lowe's said and I know what to do now. It's actually pretty easy.

Didn't get any gardening started this weekend. I wanted to get the hydroponic watercress going outside and the "ranure" (Leith euphemism) blended with the garden soil.

Oh, I need to call Parker Lawn Service and pass Dorothy's complaint along to them. They're not blowing the grass off of her sidewalk and porch like they do everywhere else.

Also moved my turntable downstairs and hooked it up to the computer to rip some vinyl to MP3 for my Rio Riot. Including Marshall Tucker Band's Long Hard Ride -- Works pretty well.

Still need to find out about my MRI from Dr. Misra, too. Knee still has problems.