Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Material possessions are the road to hell

Ha. Easy for me to say. Of course I'm talking about people who have more material possessions than I have.

It's a line from a Firefall song that I'd all but forgotten about. I knew I liked enough Firefall to fill a good hour of music, but since I haven't listened to cassette tapes in a long time (I once put them all on a tape) and all my Firefall is on vinyl and the songs are spread across about 5 records. Well, my recent vinyl MP3 ripping included those Firefall songs and I've been listening to them today.

I would have missed "Old Wing Mouth" (actually a Jimmy Webb song that they covered) -- I only remembered the line "he came to do good; he did well" and I saw it on the lyric sheet while I was ripping the ones I remembered I liked. When I saw that line I remembered I needed to include that one. They were an excellent band -- underrated, I'm sure. From polished pop (You are the Woman, Just Remember I Love You, Strange Way) to some pretty Stephen Stills-esque stuff like Clouds Across the Sun, Just Think, Sweet and Sour, Old Wing Mouth. Good schtuff!

Actually, it's the attachment to material possessions that get us in to trouble. It leads to hoarding and then to greed -- and it's my belief that money is not the root of all evil... greed is. Greed for stuff, greed for attention, power, whatever.

Finished up the front porch tonight. Looks much better. I could be happier with how the trim worked out, but everybody seems to think it looks great. The artist is always most critical of his own work. Still.... don't like the inside corners.

I played like crap today in my guitar lesson. My forearm muscles and thumb muscles were very fatigued. I haven't been playing as much as I used to -- I HAVE been busy. But it could be a combination of this weekend's work and the weight-lifting. If I don't wear the wrist straps especially when bench pressing the tendons in my wrist get irritated, making my fingers stiff and sore. Need to watch that.

Still no word from Dr. Misra on my knee. It IS improving, slowly. But it needs to be healed by May 22! (for those of you not paying attention that's Teton Day!)

Brian's G-gag-u-a-tion is coming up fast. We'll be in Indiana in a couple of weeks. Mother's day... Mom's birthday. Still not done with Kevin's birthday... his other present was delayed in shipping. But we'll go out to dinner next week when Vicki's throat feels better.

I have to send my Crystal Optics doubler lens back that just came in the mail.... it's just not compatible with the Olympus C720.... not sure what the deal is but I think their models that have high zoom factors (like mine is an 8x) is really a 4x with a built-in doubler. The second doubler just doesn't work with it. Oh well. Mountains require panoramic shots anyway. It's just that you don't want to get TOO close to that bear!

Well, das all for now, folks. Yeah. Like all three of you who read this.