Tuesday, April 27, 2004

He's a little runaway

Bart flew the coop. Often, when we get home and we're unloading the car, he'll come out on the front stoop and even on the driveway and roll around in the dirt, grab some leaves to eat, etc... and he'll either go back in on his own or we'll shoo him in when we're done.

Well... it occurred to us this morning that we didn't see him at all last night. Then it occurred to me that the last time I positively saw him he was rolling in the dirt on the driveway right after we got home Sunday evening..... Meaning.... there's a good chance he got locked outside. We went around the house (inside and out) and did not find him.

We both went home at noon and looked. Vicki went up the street and called for him. I printed up little cards with a couple of pictures of him.... "Have you seen this cat in the Huntridge/Bluegrass Neighborhood?...." ... gave them our names and number. I put them on about 60 doors and went back to work. Of course, he couldn't've run off before I spent $42 on him at the vet.

Three people said they'd seen a large grey tabby this morning winding his way up the private drive on Huntridge. He'd been an indoor cat for almost 10 years now. And he's declawed. Anyway, hopefully somebody'll spot him. I filled out a missing animal report at the humane society... but I honestly don't expect him to show up there.

Going out for Kevarino's birthday dinner tonight --- we had to wait until after Vicki's tonsils healed up sufficiently. She can eat most stuff that isn't spicy or acidic now.

I also tested out the TCON-17 Teleconverter with my Olympus C720. Works great, dispite Olympus' claims to the contrary. So... I'll be able to get long shots of wildlife in Wyoming... Whoohooo!