Thursday, April 10, 2003

The closet is back

When we first moved in here, there was a quasi-bedroom (it had a sliding glass door to the outside and no interior door to close) with a bedroom closet. After the pipe-bursting incident of 1999 and subsequent basement repair, we had that closet taken out to make that room a family room. Well, now it's going to be a bedroom again, and so the same company is putting the closet back in they took out a little over 4 years ago. Try that on for size.

That's all that happened in construction today. Not much else can be done until the electrician and plumbers do their thing, hopefully next week-- although they can take the sliding door out and put the new outside door in.

A lady is coming over to "interview" Louie this evening -- probably not long from now. Bart will be a happy cat when Louie is gone.

We're going to Bloomington this weekend to visit Bri (and Jess). Leaving in the morning as a matter of fact. Haven't seen them since Christmas. Thank God our neighbors are willing to look after Theo, the diabetic cat who needs two insulin shots a day. They don't know how much we appreciate it.