Wednesday, April 09, 2003

When the walls - come tubmlin' down

They tore out the walls that needed tearing down in the basement yesterday, moved the door-frame to what was the family room and what will now be the bedroom. The new family room, it turns out, won't be much bigger than the old one -- maybe by about 2 feet in one direction... but still... the recovery of all that hall space in the basement will be a good thing, as will the addition of the bathroom. I just hope we don't have too much of a net loss in storage space.... although I'm sure there's some stuff we can get rid of.

I pulled the Sattellite cable through the ductwork soffit and down through the wall this morning so that's done. Still want to run speaker wire over the top of the ceiling while it's open from them taking the bedroom wall out. Hopefully they won't be doing that ceiling yet today and I can do it tonight.

Bart made his way through the visquine.... and made another pile downstairs. We may need to get him a separate litter box while this is going on.