Thursday, April 10, 2003

Louie, Louie

He gotta go. Vicki found a couple of prospective homes for Louie. One lady just lost a cat. She's single and would give him lots of attention, which would be good for him. She has some collection of Angels so she's worried about his behavior as far as knocking things over... but he really doesn't. He learned pretty quickly where he was allowed to be and where he wasn't. Just walk toward him and clap your hands and tell him to get down a few times. He's really an OK cat.... but we've got to alleviate the Bart problem. I just can't have a cat using places other than the litterbox for a litterbox. He's had 7 months to adjust... I don't think he's going to adjust.

Tonight she's coming over to "interview" Louie. She said she could take him after she gets back from Easter visiting. If she ends up deciding against him, there's another lady who says she wants him.

So it looks like he's wanted. That's good. I'll probably miss him a little, but not for long. We haven't seen much of the other two cats since we got him.... it'll be nice to have them acting normal again.

Well, normal for cats. ;-)