Monday, April 14, 2003


Went to Bloomington over the weekend to see Brian & Jess. We drove up to Greenville to meet her parents (Jan and Bev) for dinner at the Olive Garden. I think Jess was nervous. She didn't need to be. We got along fine. They seem like very nice people.

Ate breakfast with Jess at the Runcible Spoon. Brian had to be at the Jill Behrman Unity Ride an hour earlier than he'd thought so we just went with Jess. Jill was the sister of one of Brian's DU brothers who dissappeared a few years ago. She was really into cycling, and that's what she was doing when she died. The ride was a benefit for Jill's House set up by Jill's parents as a temporary home for family of outpatients going through proton cancer therapy at IUB.

The Spoon has great breakfasts, to be sure. We eat there one breakfast every time we go to Bloomington (which isn't horribly often, but once a year, anyway). The buckwheat pancakes are a bit heavy for my taste, but the omelets are very good. Jess is good company and does well around us old boring fogies.

Putzed around a pricey antique mall in downtown Bloomington. Slept in a Very Loud Motel -- a bit run down. Cheap, which was good, but I doubt we'll stay there again. The weather was beautiful all weekend. Great weekend for a benefit bicycle ride.

They cut out the frame for the new basement door over the weekend. We've had to block Bart's access to the basement completely. He apparently made new messes in the basement over the weekend to the point where the construction guys had blocked his access to the old family room. They also shortened the ductwork for the furnace (which they had to do to get the door in) and moved one of the vents upstairs accordingly. Once Louie is gone he'll have to re-adjust to having run of the house.

Still waiting for the water heater. It shipped 8 business days ago. Hopefully it will be here today.