Tuesday, April 08, 2003

First Success

Well, one of the first things we needed to do was determine where the sewer pipe ran under the concrete floor so it could be dug up and tied into for the toilet & sink. They suggested having Roto Rooter come out for $200 for the first hour and $100 or so an hour after that, for at least an hour.... possibly 1.5 hours -- to shove a metal snake down the pipe and use an electronic device to determine where the pipe was under the slab. Fortunately, Ryan (neighbor) had access to that kind of equipment and we did it last Thursday night ourselves. The device showed the pipe was 21" down and right about where I'd guessed it would be.

Sure enough, they jackhammered it up yesterday where we'd marked it and there it was, about 21" down. Yay. They ripped up carpet yesterday. Bart doesn't like the fact that the litterbox is no longer downstairs and he has to go into Louie's "territory" to get to it... so he responded by using the carpet in the hall downstairs yesterday morning for a litterbox. After they ripped up the carpet (everwhere but the old family room), this morning he decided he needed to use some of the carpet padding in the family room. We need to find another home for Louie. He's not working out.

Today they're tearing down walls. When they open up the soffit around the ductwork, I need to run the cable for the Sattellite TV through the soffit into the new family room.

Our bedroom is packed with furniture from downstairs and from the guest room. The house is quite cluttered. But it'll be a nicer house when it's all done.

Still waiting for the new water heater....