Thursday, April 17, 2003

Lowe's is my friend

-- actually, more like I am Lowe's friend. Snagged Ryan (and Kristy came along, too because she wanted to go to Sam's) and went to Lowe's to get the materials we need to put a sub-panel in for the ellusive water heater. Glad I did, too, because even Ryan had to think a little about what to get so I'm sure I would have been too corn-fused.

  • Subpanel box,$22.
  • 2 60 amp, 2-pole breakers, $28
  • 4 30 amp, 2-pole breakers, $35
  • 30 feet of #6 2CWG wire, $18
  • 16 feet of #10 House wiring, $7
  • strain relief plugs, $4

Spending 40 minutes at Lowe's and filling up Kristy's trunk with electrical gear when all she wanted to do was go to Sam's and get Breakfast Bars? Priceless.

Came to about $118.

Then went to Sam's and got some Birki's (sandals) and beer. We were about out. Can't have that in our neighborhood. It's a tradition to bring one over to Ryan if you go over there, or vice versa. Some people shake hands, we bring beer. Of course, everything's in bulk at Sam's. Ok, well I was able to buy just one pair of sandals, but the beer ought to last us a while.

Ok, well that's it for this morning.