Monday, April 21, 2003

Drywall, plumbing, and the continuing saga of the water heater

Called Microtherm on the water heater this morning. They said "these orders should go out this week". They had to check. My confidence that it would be shipped by the middle of the week was pretty low.

Meantime, I called another distributor in Cleveland. They have them in stock. They're shipping one today. Actually for about $20 less. So I called Microtherm and cancelled that order.

Drywall showed up this morning, so they'll be drywalling everywhere the plumber doesn't have to be. If the plumber can stub up late this week and finish the rough-in after the concrete is poured--- and the water heater gets here by the weekend.... things'll be ok. Matter of fact, might even be done in a couple of weeks. But we have to order carpet, and pick out the fixtures. I think I picked out the fixtures yesterday. Ought to save us about $150 over what they had bid. That'll help with carpeting, etc.

I'm going to extend the deck out 21" from where it is right now so it'll be closer to 12x12 instead of 12x10. I was just going to scrub it up and stain it, but I have to tear out at least one board anyway -- and we could really use the extra space on the deck. I figure it'll cost under $200. I'd rather paint it all one color at once, and as long as I'm replacing ANY wood, I might as well buy the rest and do it the way I want it. Maybe Mark'll want to have a power tool weekend ;-) It should be a pretty straightforward project. I drew it all out last night.

Amy just stopped by... she's in the middle of staining her deck. She said that pressure washing really lightened up the wood. That might help the old wood match the new wood better. Daryl has a pressure washer, I think. Hmmmm.....

Also turns out that we'll need a vent for the sink and toilet, so we'll have to drill through the concrete wall to the crawl-space and tie in with the vent for the upstairs bathroom. That'll mean a hole in the wall in the guest bedroom for a bit.

Went Morrell hunting with Daryl this weekend. We each found about a pound. It's his secret spot, so I'm sworn not to tell where it is. They are good. We sautéed some last night and had them with pork chops. To me, they're best sautéed with butter and served with wild rice or eggs.

Also took a nice walk in the woods on Sunday -- partially to just be in the woods, partially to just enjoy a pipe in the woods..... but the excuse was to see what morrell-laden patches I might find back there. But it's too steep and rocky for morrells. I did enjoy the spring flowers. Dogtooth Violets, Rue Anemone, Sweet William, Solomon's Seal, -- and lots of others -- and all the ferns and wild ginger coming up. It reminds me of when I was growing up, walking in the woods checking out the first signs of spring. Check this out Missouri Wildflowers.

Off for now.