Thursday, April 10, 2003


The ladybugs came today. I pulled the tomato plants out. They were wilting as I had turned the water off to them a few days back. Tomatoes aren't worth it in an indoor garden. Too much space, and they take too long to grow and ripen. Hydroponics are great for lettuce, roquette, spinach, and starting seeds for outside.

What's left now is lettuce, roquette, and spinach... oh, and arugula (sp?).... I released the ladybugs to eat all the aphids... that's the major problem. About 20 of them came in with the tomato plants last fall, now there are... and I'm probably not exagerating here -- several hundred-thousand of them.

We'll have some fat ladybugs.

I started some tomato plants for outdoors in the hydro garden tonight --- I can put them out in about a month. They're the small, determinant kind I got for the hydro garden.... they'll be ideal for my dinky outdoor garden. Spring is about here - but tomatoes can't go out until the soil is warmer.