Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Movin' On

Well, delivered Louie to Sandy's house last night, where he immediately sniffed the entire house. I think he'll be happy there. He will get all of her attention -- and no more cat-spats at home. Bart is already relaxing more. Actually he's taking out a little of his excitement on Theo -- tussling with him. Theo doesn't care for it much.

I feel a little guilty about passing him on since he's been passed around so much -- but as I've said before he really wasn't working out. We gave it a good 8 months. Sandy said she'll get us a picture when he's all settled in. I imagine Tom & Betty would like to see that.

Drywall is going up downstairs... it's starting to look more like sectioned rooms & closets. I'm wondering how they're going to smooth over some of those places where they opened the walls for electrical work... but... I hope they remove the corner bead around the old sliding glass door or it'll be a bear getting that flat. Oh well, that's their job.

We're going to CarpetOne to order up the carpet and have them coordinate with SLR (Scott Ragland/Bobby's company -- they're doing the work). Wish I had a UPS tracking number for that water heater. I'd feel a lot better if I could track its progress.