Wednesday, April 16, 2003

In Hot Water

Well, the danged water heater isn't here. You know, the day after I ordered it I got an email from them saying:

Thank you for shopping microtherm.

Order No. 100289
Invoice No. 1
Shipped 02-Apr-2003

1 RA-28

Comments: N/A

Access your Smart Receipt online to view the progress of your order:

Return to microtherm using the following URL:

Your order may take up to 3 weeks to be shipped

I went to look at the "Smart Receipt" -- it says it's shipping UPS Ground, and that the order is complete. That was 14 days ago.

Now if you ask me, the fact that it says Shipped 02-Apr-2003 says to me that it's already shipped and it's not going to take up to 3 weeks to be shipped. You know, like I lucked out or something and it was on the road.

Found a phone number to call for Seisco, called 'em up.... they said it hasn't shipped yet. Well, the plumber's coming Friday to stub in the new bathroom and hook up the ventilation. Maybe Monday. But the water heater won't be here by then. And he's stubbing plumbing right in the hole I'm counting on to remove the water heater. It's the only way to get it out short of cutting it up.

I measured the diameter of the water heater... it's 22.25" -- I marked a square in that hole 22.5" wide and deep and I'm going to SEE if I can get the plumber to plumb around that. That would buy me some time. But ultimately, they're going to drywall-- I've gotta get the bleedin' thing out before then, but without a replacement water heater, we'd be waking up awfully fast in the morning.

Mean time, I need to grab Ryan and head to Lowe's or Home Depot and get some thick wire (6 AWG) a sub-panel breakerbox, 2 240 Volt 60 amp dipole breakers, and 4 (count them, 4) 240V 30 amp breakers for the new box -- and some 10AWG housing wire. That'll make installing the unit (whenever it gets here) much faster.

The new door is in, and the sliding glass door is out. Outlets are popping up everywhere, and the wiring is being done for the various light switches. It's gonna be pretty neat when it's done.

Also have to do something about a stepping stone to step out on when you go out the basement door.... and do something about the drainage in that area. We'll be home the next two weekends -- maybe... it depends on whether or not we go to Indiana for the mini-reunion. We may be putting the house back together. Sam & Connie wanted us to go on a float trip with them pretty bad that weekend. That would be a lot of fun, but we decided we couldn't. Sadness.

Went to a "Night in Havana" -- a Cuban restaurant put together for one night by the Hotel & Restaurant Management dept here at the University. Food was good. Moderately priced. Service was fine... although do you really need to sniff the cork on a Berringer White Zinfandel? Ah, well you don't want to drink wine that's gone bad, no matter how mundane it is. So I suppose so. They put these things on from time to time throughout the year. Kind of a "lab" for them I guess. Make 'em put together what they've learned.